"AGES Initiatives envisions all Orthodox Churches having the texts, music, and trained singers needed to maintain the fullest possible liturgical life. To that end, it is developing a multilingual database, rubrics engine, and applications for church, home, and classroom, as well as translation tools for use in the mission field.

AGES™ is a software platform that will store, organize, and deliver Orthodox Christian liturgical texts and music to support the education of church singers, and to facilitate the smooth performance of church services, using current and emerging technologies.

With the blessing of Metropolitan Alexios of Atlanta, AGES Initiatives, Inc. was founded as a nonprofit corporation by Fr. Seraphim Dedes, best known for ematins.org, which supplies free liturgical texts and music to churches worldwide."

-AGES About Page

AGES Initiatives


Chanter's Corner


What in the world is Will Moye doing with his phone at the Chanter's Stand during Liturgy? Checking his email?



No, he's using Digital Chant Stand from AGES Initiatives, a nonprofit organization he helped Fr. Seraphim Dedes found in 2011. As a matter of fact, of our chanters and priest at Annunciation use the print version of liturgical services provides AGES during every Sunday and Feast Day Orthros.


The Story:

Fr. Seraphim was the Music Director at St. Nektarios in Charlotte. After meeting with Will to teach him the basis of Byzantine chant in late 2001. Fr. Seraphim shared an idea to expand his "eMatins" webpage-a popular resource for many chanters and clergy-into a software system giving users access to complete liturgical services on their mobile devices and computers-including full-text and music-anytime, anywhere.

As a software entrepreneur with experience in start-up technology companies, Will worked with Fr. Seraphim to found AGES Initiatives, a 501(c)(3) corporation, and to forma team of developers who could help build the technology. The result was Digital Chant Stand, a Web application that allows Will and thousands of other chanters and church singers around the globe-currently in six countries-to practice and perform the beautiful Byzantine hymnology of our Church services.

Will was the Board President of AGES Initiatives for 2017-2018. If you are interested in supporting AGES with your tax-deductible donations, you may write a check directly to:

AGES Initiatives

5108 Kuykendall Road

Charlotte, NC 28270

or your can write a check to Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church and specify "AGES donation" in the memo line.

Your gift to AGES Initiatives will support ongoing translation, composition, digital distribution of text and music, website development, and workshops that make it possible for people in Orthodox Churches throughout the country to serve, sing, and follow along.