Ministries & Committees


The ministries at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church are all based on four essential elements:

WORSHIP          FELLOWSHIP          SERVICE          WITNESS 



These elements are accomplished by having our community participate in a variety of events including:

-Participation in the Sacraments;
-Religious Education;
-Attending spiritual retreats;
-Sports activities;
-Arts and crafts;
-Meetings and social gatherings;
-Fund raisers;
-Shut-in visitation;
-Helping with parish events. 

The ultimate goal brings our community into a closer relationship with Christ as they become active and growing members of Christ’s body, the Church.




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Adult Choir

The Adult choir is comprised of both male and female voices and is accompanied by an organ. It sings the responses in the Divine Liturgy on Sundays and during Holy Week.

The liturgy is sung in both Greek and English. The choir practices every Sunday at 9:15 a.m

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Adult Education

Adult education is offered in the weekly Adult Discussion Group, Tuesday Morning Men's Group, and Adult Sunday School. Opportunities for more intimate small group fellowship are offered through Golden Years, Warm-Up America, and the various parish and outreach service projects throughout the year.

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Annunciation Christian Academy,h_194,al_c,q_85,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/059a6d_03f6807ece3b4a65999901dc657d56bd~mv2_d_3185_1956_s_2.webp

Our goal is to provide a rich learning environment where the children can explore and grow academically, spiritually, socially and physically.

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Byzantine Chant Class

Let us always remember that our voice is a God given gift which God has bestowed upon us in order to primarily glorify, through the church chanting, His name." -Father George

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Chanters are an integral part of Orthodox services. Traditional Byzantine chanting is incorporated into every service at the Annunciation. This sacred music is chanted in both Greek and English.

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College Ministry

The goal of this ministry is to provide Orthodox Christian Students on college campuses around the country a means of fellowship, worship and spiritual support. The Annunciation parish supports OCF on our local area campuses including Wake Forest University, Salem College, and the NC School of the Arts. Students have regular meetings, attend worship services at Annunciation and on campus, and can participate in annual OCF events such as Real break, the OCF Annual Conference, the OCF day of prayer, and various regional retreats for Orthodox Christian college students.

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Counseling and Visitation

The Church offers those needing help a number of different counseling settings to assist you. We offer: individual, marital, grief, substance abuse, and, other types of counseling based on the Faith and Tradition. 

Area hospitals, nursing homes and private homes are routinely visited by the Clergy. The visits convey the love and concern of Christ and His Church to those who are ill or alone. Visitations also serve as opportunities for prayer and guidance. Please contact the Church Office to schedule visits.

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Ages Initiative

"AGES Initiatives envisions all Orthodox Churches having the texts, music, and trained singers needed to maintain the fullest possible liturgical life. To that end, it is developing a multilingual database, rubrics engine, and applications for church, home, and classroom, as well as translation tools for use in the mission field."

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Golden Years


The Golden Years is an organization for parishioners over 55 years of age. Check the calendar for dates and join us at various locations for food, fun, and friendship.

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A ministry of students in the 6th through 12th grades. The GOYA participate in meetings, social events, service projects, athletics and spiritual retreats through out the year. The GOYA continue to learn about their Orthodox Christian faith and are challenged to put their faith into action in their everyday lives and in service to their Church.

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Greek Education

The purpose of the Greek Education and Culture program at Annunciation is to instill in our youth the spiritual, moral and cultural values of the Greek Orthodox heritage, so that they may be exemplary American citizens and faithful members of the Holy Orthodox Church.

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Hellenic Dance Troupe

The primary goal of the Hellenic Dance Troupes is to perpetuate Greek folk heritage. Through weekly classes of song and dance for all ages, the Hellenic Dance Troupes attempt to cultivate a love and appreciation for the traditions of our Greek ancestors. We recognize the interconnectedness between our Greek heritage and Greek Orthodox faith, and therefore attempt to create a platform that is a fun and unique way to stay connected with the homeland.

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Hope and Joy


A youth ministry for students in kindergarten through 2nd grade that helps teach the basic elements of the Orthodox Faith.


A youth ministry for students in the 3rd through 5th grades that continues to build on what the students learned in HOPE.

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A ministry for children age two and under that provides a safe and loving environment for the children while allowing their parents to participate in the Divine Liturgy.

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Parenting Resources

Links to interesting and helpful resources for Orthodox Christian teenagers and their teachers

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Our mission provides aid to the poor, the sick and victims of disasters locally, nationally, and worldwide.

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Sunday School

Students hear a short Sunday- School lesson just after the Gospel reading during the Divine Liturgy. Children proceed to their classes after Holy Communion where they learn about their Orthodox Christian faith and tradition.

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Warm Up America

Warm Up America knit blankets and other items for senior citizens' homes, hospital ICUs, Neonatal ICUs, and ERs. Those of all skill levels are encouraged to participate in this time of service and fellowship.

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Young Adult League

YAL is a young adult ministry for Orthodox Christians, ranging from college to early professional years.

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Youth Protection

If you interact with youth in any of our church programs please send an email to our Youth Protection Organizer.

You will need to be registered and trained according to the Youth Protection Act.

You must be 18 or older to coach and 21 or over to chaperone.

Please send your Legal name, email, address, phone number and a list of organizations involved with to our parish's Youth Organizer.

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